The Magic Thief: Home (2014)
The Magic Thief: Home (2014)
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The Magic Thief: Homeby Sarah PrineasMagic is a living being-- it fights, it settles, and it can be harmed. After taking in the magic of a different city, the magic in Connwaer's hometown is in a mess, trying to figure out where they belong. Through this, the spells cast through a wizards' locus magicalius, the gateway to magic so to speak, are going haywire. On top of that, now these locus stones have started disappearing, leading to a plan much more sinister than first conceived. Now, it is up to Connwaer and his allies to figure out what exactly is going on before the magic destroys both itself and life as they knew it...I think this book is a very balanced mix of adventure, humor, and mystery. There are a whole lot of bits of foreshadowing and red herrings that lead up to an all around awesome conclusion.I think this book really demonstrates how some things can't be done alone, and that everybody needs someone to lean on. This is shown multiple times throughout the book where Connwaer is caught in different situations and his friends, some old and some new, come to help him out. I think it also shows how one person can really make a difference. If it had not been for Connwaer, the city that he lived in would surely have perished, the magic would've destroyed itself and the city wouldn't have been able to run anymore.I recommend this book to people who like fantasy, preferably at the age of 10-15. This book is written in such a way that it reads very simply but the plot is intricately complex. Also, there are elements in this book that I think people who enjoy fantasy books would appreciate the most. This book is the conclusion of the series, and fans of the other books must read this one too. You must read the previous three books to fully understand the events. The author was able to keep me guessing. I thought I knew what was going to happen, but then she provided clues that made it seem impossible. Conn and his dragon, who had swallowed his locus stone, form a close bond and need each other to survive. Conn knows he's no longer a gutterrat, and he's not a ducal magister, and he spends most of the book trying to figure out his role on the world. This book brings the series to a satisfying conclusion.
Very enjoyable conclusion to the Magic Thief series.
I like this book.
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