The Man Who Wanted To Be Happy (2008)
The Man Who Wanted to Be Happy (2008)
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1401938175 (ISBN13: 9781401938178)
Hay House Visions
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Le narrateur, un américain en vacances à Bali, décide d'aller voir un guérisseur quelques jours avant son retour au pays. Après examen, le diagnostique est: "bonne santé mais pas heureux". S'ensuivent plusieurs rencontres entre le narrateur et son guérisseur, afin de remédier à ce mal-être, par des exercices pratiques.A mi-chemin entre l'analyse et la thérapie cognitive, j'ai trouvé que l'auteur simplifie un peu trop. Je comprends qu'il faut atteindre le plus grand nombre mais un peu plus de profondeur à la réflexion m'aurait un peu plus plut. A modern parable which incorporates a great deal of useful information on the best way to live and enjoyable and satisfying life. Julian is almost at the end of a marvellous holiday in Bali when he decides to go and see Samtyang who is a faith healer among other things. Julian doesn’t know why he decided to see wise man but feels compelled to do so. He agrees that his health is good but he’s unhappy. He doesn’t seem to do very well with relationships and he is fed up with his job as a teacher. Through talk and giving Julian tasks to do Samtyang gradually gets him to realise what is wrong with his life.If you’re familiar with self-help books then you will find yourself nodding and smiling at the familiarity of the topics covered but sometimes seeing advice at work can help us to fix it in our minds. If you think of parables in the Bible and the way the stories are easy to remember then you realise that this book is working on the same principle. Human beings love stories and tend to remember them where facts or advice may not be retained.I enjoyed reading this entertaining book and found it a useful reminder of ideas such as that we each create our own reality. If we assume people will let us down then that is what we will find happening. People take us at our own valuation – behave as though you are self-confident then people will assume that’s what you are. Money is not necessarily the key to happiness – though it may enable you to find it because it gives you freedom. Choices may involve sacrifices but you should always choose which sacrifices you want to make and not let other people choose for you. Everyone is master of their own life.If you want a quick read full of interesting characters which also has lessons to teach if we are willing to learn then try this book. It can be read in a few hours but it may have a huge impact on your life.
like it, bcp de leçon de vie a apprendre auprés de ce roman
Great book! I am going to reread it definitely!
ça m'a ennuyé, j'ai pas pu le finir
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