The Masterwork Of A Painting Elephant (2011)
The Masterwork of a Painting Elephant (2011)
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0374348545 (ISBN13: 9780374348540)
Farrar, Straus and Giroux (BYR)
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Elephant Novel:This is the story of a little boy named Pigeon who was born with very large ears, and abandoned. He meets a retired white circus elephant named Birch, and Pigeon spends his whole life riding Birch’s back. Birch is determined to one day be reunited with his long lost love, an acrobat he met back at the circus. This was a sweet-hearted tale with fable-like qualities. The main thing I loved about it was the lack of logical sense. It takes readers to another world and demands imagination and critical thinking. Yet, it speaks wisdom and truth at the same time. It has themes of optimism, happiness, belonging, and love. I did think this book would be a challenge for some readers. I’d be interested to see whether students would love it, or be frustrated by it. But I would recommend this for advanced middle school readers looking for a challenge. It is not a quick read; the beautiful language makes readers really think! This book has very beautiful language--I wanted to underline tons--but I don't quite consider this a children's book in the sense that one would normally think. I do feel that it could be studied in a literature course. I'd rate it a 3 if it weren't classed as a children's book. The story has a dream-like quality. It is about a little boy who was abandoned as a baby and meets a former circus elephant named Birch (named after birch trees because he is white like birch bark). The little boy, named Pigeon, spends his whole life riding on Birch's back. In the story, Birch works at a car wash but dreams of being a world famous painter and being reunited with a lovely acrobat he fell in love with during his days at the circus. The story takes us from New York to Hollywood to France and back again, all the while painting a portrait of what it truly means to be family.
What a sweet story. Great for fans of talking animal books or Roald Dahl.
If Puff the Magic Dragon makes you cry, this will ruin you.
Very strange story.
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