The Memoirs Of Mary Queen Of Scots (2009)
The Memoirs of Mary Queen of Scots (2009)
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0312379730 (ISBN13: 9780312379735)
St. Martin's Press
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Writing this on my ipad since hubby had to work late and is napping near the computer, so no fun gifs this time, and hopefully minimal typos.I'll start by saying that I liked this enough to read more by Carolly Erickson. It was a good story, an imagining, and definitely entertained me. I'm on a bit of a Mary kick thanks to Reign, so I liked reading another perspective of her life and more ofher later years. This is a work of fiction, and it really was quite fanciful. I almost wish it wasn't called "memoirs" because it really made me ache for something a little bit more historically accurate. Overall, an entertaining read that I liked. Solid three stars. Never read anything by Erickson before though there are several on my to read list. Hopefully, the others will be more engaging. Described as an entertainment rather than historical fiction the reader should bear in mind that it is truly a piece of cotton candy--sweet but full of air and easily deflated. Found myself saying, over and over, but that isn't true. Found it very distracting, the conflicts between what I've learned of this situation and the picture drawn here. If you can get beyond that conflict this is an entertaining, quickly read, imagining of what Mary, Queen of Scots was thinking from her marriage to Louis to her beheading in London.
It was interesting but not a real page turner. It started strong but stalled out about mid-way thru
time waster....fictionalized history is ok but to the state of ridiculousness is a waste of time
Double checked the history. The book is, unfortuntaely largely fictional. But an ok read.
Liked it, but not my favorite "beheaded queen" book!!
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