The Midnight Heir (2013)
The Midnight Heir (2013)
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1442495596 (ISBN13: 9781442495593)
Margaret K. McElderry Books
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I enjoyed listening to the narrator on the audiobook. Yet the story didn't flow well for me and felt a bit disjointed. Oddly I so wanted to connect to characters but didn't at all. Maybe listening to audio can lose track of the storyline, or just doesn't fully capture my attention. Part 1, I'd give 1 star (no more than 1.5).However, what caught my attention was in part 2 of the audiobook. Tatiana turning to dark magic and her reasoning to use such power. She was such a warrior at heart but refused to be a shawdowhunter; sought vengeance against them from her losses and life being burned to ash as she stated to Magnus. Magnus tried to let her see the light to be a shadowhunter but the Nephillim was unable to save her 16 yr old son. I give this 3 stars. This averages to an okay read.Leisure read audiobook 2014. Another Herondale story, another fascinating read. I guess this is the prologue/prequel/call-forward of the new series that tells the story of the next generation of Herondales? I hope the next story where Magnus crosses paths with Nephilim would tone down the "blood will tell" pattern that the last two have shown: Herondales being all passionate and noble and open-minded while Morgensterns are racist buffoons with a penchant for monologues. Let's see some bad Herondales, good Morgensterns and not-so fair Fairchilds.
MORE, i want more. This story was so good, i would love to hear what happens to Grace.
"Anatre, fate di me il vostro sovrano"
Heart wrenching.
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