The Misadventures Of Awkward Black Girl (2000)
The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl (2000)
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Very flat, the writing style is not very good but readable, hence the 3 stars instead of less. Her life is fascinating--but unfortunately she had a habit if starting a story and drawing you in--and then speeding up the narrative like she ran out of time or words.Also, it's not very funny--there were parts that were definitely not supposed to be, like her relationship with her father, but others, like the "kinds of blacks"--I think that was supposed to be funny? And it wasn't. Not because it was offensive, but because it just wasn't funny. There were maybe 5 instances during which I laughed.Definitely disappointing. I admire her success and I think she deserves it. Maybe her second book will be better. I fluked into the Awkward Black Girl YouTube series about five months after it began. For the most part I found Issa Rae and the cast to be comical and entertaining. It was refreshing to see a black production free of stereotypical themes. Where things took a nose dive for me was in the final webisode. Issa was left with the tricky task of choosing between two potential suitors, a black male and a white male. She eventually settled for the white suitor. Now, there’s no crime in a black female choosing a white male love interest in a real or fictional context. The problem lies in the fact that the alternative happened to be a black male. There’s already enough “white is better” conditioning in popular culture. We as black people don’t need to be contributing any further. I would have no issue had there been two males of the same race vying for Issa’s affections. But how dramatic would that be? It’s all about the rating/views.Even with the bad taste left in my mouth following the conclusion of the first season of ABG, the prospect of reading a memoir by Issa Rae piqued my curiosity. “The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl” is equal parts comedy and personal reflection. The chapter entitled “ABG Guide: Connecting with Other Blacks” is one of the boldest sections of the book. Here, Issa challenges the notion of blacks being a monolith, by creating her own list of the various types of blacks she’s encountered within the race. The chapter’s tongue-in-cheek, meets reality tone, gives it a hit and miss feel. The following chapter “When You Can’t Dance” raises the level of humor exponentially. I commend any black person who nakedly confesses their inability to dance. That takes courage. Without giving away any details from the story, I’ll just say that I had a very visceral reaction to this chapter. I empathized with Issa’s plight and simultaneously felt a pain in my stomach from laughter. Seriously funny.This was certainly not the type of memoir I envisioned from Issa Rae. It was far more intimate than I’d imagined. She divulges some very personal information about herself and her family. Based on Issa’s YouTube antics, I simply expected something lighter with a greater slant on jokes. After reading this book I truly feel that I know her as a person. It takes a particular vulnerability to achieve this result as an author.
One of the funniest and truthful books I've read in a long time.
Laugh out loud funny, and so spot-on.
It was okay. Just...okay.
3.5 stars
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