The Moon Dwellers (2012)
The Moon Dwellers (2012)
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David Estes
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OK, so I started reading this series with Fire Country, Book 1 of the sister saga to this series. What a difference a year makes! I enjoyed the story mostly. I'm not a romance fan, not that I can't appreciate a good story, but romance tends to get a little old for me. Does she like me, his hand grazed mine and my heart skipped a beat..... Ugh, I get it! This one wasn't too terrible, but it did seem to drag on a little much for me in a few places. The writing was also choppier than Fire Country. I can only assume this is just due to progression and improvement with writing over time. Fire Country was so natural, even more impressive really since it was written in their own "language"; which I absolutely loved! Again, I noticed the difference in fluidity, but it wasn't enough to disrupt the story. AND, neither of those factors were enough to make me stop reading the book.Here's what I DID like. I liked the mystery and intrigue. What is the deal with the pain thing? I hope we get more into that in later books. What is going on with the rebellion? I really hope we hear more about that! How does this tie in to the other series, I know we'll get to that! I hope to see Tristan confront his dad, I hope to learn more about the history of all the worlds!My favorite thing though by far continues to be the authors ability to weave the story. He builds plots and suspense masterfully. It reminds me of a symphony, were you begin with the individual sections and then they slowly build and blend and lead you to an incredible musical experience; that is how I would describe these books. I've already started reading the sequel The Star Dwellers so I'll stop before I get them confused. In all, great start to a series I'm already incredibly addicted to. I am already worried about what I'll do when it ends....... The story starts out with the 17 year old protagonist, Adele, after 6 months in prison for having parents accused of being traitors. Adele is pretty bad ass. She knows how to fight but is not just a mindless brute, she knows when not to as well. She had been living in survival mode for a while and struggles trying to reconnect with a rusty social & trusting side as she makes two new friends.The next chapter switches to the perspective of Tristan, the rebellious good kid of the current dictator. He has a chance meeting of eyes across the room with Adele and they are both stricken with a terrible pain from being in proximity with each other. Even though they have pain they are also mysteriously drawn to each other as well.Tristan ends up launching on a quest with his best friend/servant Roc to find the girl and figure out the mystery as well as to get away from his father/brother/evil dynasty.The two go through their separate adventures almost meeting up but just missing at each other. Finally after several challenges have been overcome they get together and instead of having the mystery of the pain/attraction explained they just sort of acknowledge it and dance around it.The story completes and then launches the set up for the next book in the series with the pain/attraction bit being the hook to keep you going.There were a few things that niggled at me, like basic biologic things like vitamin D deficiency that would definitely be prevalent in a society forced to live underground, how food and manufacturing was managed underground in the diminished population was handled, and a few other world building issues were not addressed. But, from the perspective of a 17 year old escaping from prison constantly on the run - it makes sense that that detail wasn't really necessary in the story. I really liked the developing relationship between the two characters. I liked that Tristan was attracted to Adele because of her strength and ability to handle herself and wasn't the typical YA hero rescues and protects the damsel storyline. I liked that the few times it drifted toward cheesy romance the characters acknowledged that it was a cheesetastic thought. I'm looking forward to the next book to see how this rebellion will turn out and hopefully find out what the deal is with the mysterious pain/attraction thing that other characters allude to having more knowledge of.
If you like Legend by Marie Lu, then this book is for you! I will hopefully be reviewing it soon.
It was OK bit didn't keep my attention. Easy to put down and pick up later. Finishes abruptly
Will surely read the rest of the story "Star Dwellers"
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