The Moonlight Palace (2014)
The Moonlight Palace (2014)
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Lake Union Publishing
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This is a gentle read, quiet and contemplative yet with an emotional punch that leaves you wanting more by this author. If you liked "The Art of Hearing Heartbeats," you will probably also like this. Agnes, the last descendent of the royal house of Jahore, Singapore's ruling family - ousted by the British in the late 1800's, is our narrator. We meet her at a young age and learn of the family and the city. I can't say much without giving away the plot, but the characters were unique and the setting was wonderfully portrayed. Aggie downplays the differences between Muslim, Buddhist and Christian religions because in the beginning they don't impact her much, but that changes as the story goes along. We meet the extended family of relatives, Aggie's friends and some of the local residents. I finished this book in a few hours as it is only 164 quick pages. Rosenberg has written two other books which sound equally good. This unremarkable book failed to establish itself in a historical setting of any importance. Instead, it is a work of fiction that is in the past, but nothing in the writing or plot has any strong ties to the time period chosen. The characters are not compelling, and instead are just narrating events that they experience without taking an active role in overcoming their challenges. If this book had been any longer, I would have given up reading it entirely.
Pretty neat story, I wish the characters had more development. I liked the overall plot and ending.
This was a fun one to have Jeffy read out loud to me.
I enjoyed the details about Singapore.
Read if you like historical fiction.
fun sweet story
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