The Mortal Instruments, The Complete Collection: City Of Bones; City Of Ashes; City Of Glass; City Of Fallen Angels; City Of Lost Souls; City Of Heavenly Fire (2014)
The Mortal Instruments, the Complete Collection: City of Bones; City of Ashes; City of Glass; City of Fallen Angels; City of Lost Souls; City of Heavenly Fire (2014)
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1481442961 (ISBN13: 9781481442961)
Margaret K. McElderry Books
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there is so much wrong with these books i dont know where to begin???? but,, dont have sex in dirty demon caves. ever. dont even bring a condom with you to hell because who does that? who? why?and thats not even touching on the sexualization and almost fetishistic approach to her canon queer characters (magnus and alec, those very minor female characters if you want to count them). like, i was so uncomfortable? i binge read through the books at first and didnt fully notice until i looked back on it but. dont do that?honestly i could keep going i could fill this box with text and then some but its not worth it. final verdict: good concept and potential for world building, absolutely shit execution. So honestly I thought this series was ok. But you see my main problem was that I felt like I was in a wild goose chase the entire time. Personally I think it should have ended after valentine died. I wish it could have just been quickly wrapped up after that. Like I said I still enjoyed most of the story line, it was super cool but too long. Sorry if you don't agree with my opinion but it's still mine so write your own review and don't get mad at me.
I really enjoyed this series... It kept me coming back for more to each book!
all of these were good. Recommend if you want an easy, entertaining read.
Intriguing, Captivating, Heartfelt & Action Packed! I Loved It!
I loved the books they were amazing.
really hooking
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