The Navy Seal's Promise (2012)
The Navy Seal's Promise (2012)
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This independent release from Harlequin Mills and Boon author Soraya Lane topped the Amazon charts recently. It's a heartwarming love story which tells us that the little things are just as important as the big things - sometimes. Luke can hardly believe that the beautiful woman who's been sleeping on his shoulder for most of the plane journey is a soldier, US Army Corporal Saskia Cullen. Corporal Cullan is home on 48 hours leave to spend Christmas with her young son. But as the airport is enveloped with swirling snowflakes, the likelihood of Saskia reaching home diminishes. Will her journey end in tears and will she have to turn back and return to duty? Luke, a military man, albeit in a different branch of service has no one waiting for him at home after the death of his wife and parents. He resolves there and then to move every obstacle to get this woman home to spend the holidays with her son. He calls in a favour that was owed to him and like the gallant braveheart he grants the fair lady her wish. The two fall in love on the road and their passionate love scenes look set to melt the snow and ice around them. But once the modern day knight grants the lady her wish, is this the end of the story? Or is there a future for this couple who met by total accident?This is a story which tells us that in these troubled times, heroes still exist. It's a story which reiterates our belief in love and family and the fact is that in life, it is the little things - like spending Christmas with your child - that really matter. Everything else is just incidental.A heartwarming read which is perfect for the coming winter season. This was such a fantastic story to read. Not only was it a great story line but the relationship between the two characters had such chemistry that the reader could easily find themselves getting involved with what happens next. Saskia Cullen has a 48 hour leave from the Army and is looking forward to spending Christmas with her young son. Luke Gray is a Navy SEAL and is also home on a short leave. When a terrible snowstorm shuts down the airport and all connecting flights have been cancelled, Saskia feels like she will have to go back without being able to see her son. Even though Luke had just met her during the first flight together, Luke will do what ever it takes to help Saskia to get home to her son(even if it means driving through the snow storm to get her home). Luke is dealing with his own personal reasons for wanting to do this for a complete stranger.I enjoyed reading this story as these two strangers set out on a mission of their own to make a little boys & his mother's Christmas wish come true. The only complaint I have with this book is I did not want it to end!!! It would be wonderful to see a sequel and find out how Luke & Saskia are doing.I know that this story will for sure be on a my list to read again!!
Entretenido, tierno y bueno... quien no ama a un lindo militar haciendo de príncipe azul? jejejeje
It was a good novella however the characters needed more development
Cute. Predictable. Very fast read.
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