The New Hunger (2013)
The New Hunger (2013)
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Writing style-2.5Story-3Overall enjoyment-3The New Hunger was a short little book about the zombie apocalypse. I did not read the first book, so I cannot judge it as a follow up to the original. I can say I read it in about 1.5 hours, and it was interesting enough to keep me going. Marion has an interesting interpretation of how being a zombie feels, which I found compelling because I have not read much from the point of view of a zombie. If you enjoy zombies, post apocalyptic fiction, or are looking for a quick beach-type read, this would work well. I was expecting something different, I really loved warm bodies and was excited to see what this prequel would revealI was thrilled with Nora's backstory, it was the only one which grasped my interest and was actually interesting. It explained her past and her brother and revealed how she lost her finger. Her travels were great and exciting and it explained how she got to the stadium.With R it described how it feels to first be a zombie, and gave us a glimpse of his human life. But this glimpse was brief and and vague.Julie's backstory rarely was shown in the book as it was mainly Nora's story. But it had how her mother changed and gave us insight to her life before her mother had passed on, showing us more about her family and Julie's innocence being corrupted at only 12 years old.I enjoyed how the stories intertwined and how the characters unknowingly met several times before Warm Bodies. Although it is short it does set the stage.
As a prequel to Warm Bodies, it works well, and is equally absorbing for me.
I really enjoyed this book. The zombie chapters are purely amazing.
pretty good
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