The Next Door Boys (2011)
The Next Door Boys (2011)
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I wanted a very light read to pass time in the hospital while taking vigil beside grandma in her room. I decided on this one not remembering much what's the synopsis of it. I didn't expect it to be quite religious. It was clean, romantic and I wasn't so keen about the main heroine Leigh. She was a cancer survivor and now she goes back to school to start college and try to assimilate a normal independent life after being very sick. This is more of a reflection of the thigns she thinks she need or want in life. Her character tends to be annoyingly almost perfect. There a lot of these cute guys that are into her but she can't help but be seen as somewhat this sweet perfect young woman and she is oblivious of their attraction to her. For someone who is generally a nice person she is quite insensitive to other people. Then she falls for this perfect guy who is fun to be with and makes her feel special but she didn't immediately sense that not all that glitters are gold. But I always knew that Brian guy has more character and depth to really get Leigh. She got so wrapped up with the idea of being loved and in love with someone talented and perfect as Noah that she almost lose herself and drifted away from her brother and friends. So she was being selfish really but in time her eyes were opened to the ugly truth. I'm still not sure of Leigh's character being cookie cutter perfect with things conveniently settled out eventually for her. Well I did asked for something light and the religious theme in this one felt preachy. I think leigh's character end up feeling pretentious to me. She was a pair of wings away of becoming an angel and it is sad that I can't seem to empathize with her that much. I guess I'm not being forgiving towards her character in this story. I'm not so sure I can give this a fair review because I am not Mormon. I really was not expecting all of the religion stuff and, frankly, it kind of overwhelmed what was just a decent story overall. I do appreciate how Perry was able to somehow make a Good-Guy Mormon from a guy with a kid, who works in a bar and is covered in tattoos. What I didn't like was that everyone, especially his would be girlfriend Leigh, was so completely judgmental of him. I was slightly confused about all of the engagements and weddings, too. These are KIDS we're dealing with ultimately. No one is over 22 years old and yet they're all getting married and having babies? Is that really how Perry wanted 21st century Mormons to be portrayed? As narrow-minded, wedding obsessed, baby factories? On top of a heavily religious foundation, there was the cancer element to the plot which was sentimental on a Lurlene McDaniel/Sarah Dessen level. No offense to anyone who likes those authors but, gag me. Seriously.I gave this story two stars because ultimately, the 2 major elements, the religious and the cancer plot device seemed to be extraneous to the plot. Neither did anything really to add to the story and, frankly, could've been left out and the story would remain almost exactly the same. Probably better.
LDS romance- not too cheesy and fast read...a good vacation book.
One of my favorite books
Cute and good book
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