The Night Porter (2010)
The Night Porter (2010)
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1615816941 (ISBN13: 9781615816941)
Dreamspinner Press
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I bought this book tonight knowing it was part of the Bittersweet Dreams selections. Did not prepare me to care about the characters. Understand them and love/hate them both a litte. I guess having both loved and had my heart broken a few times by both gay and straight men I can identify with the stark reality Ms. Brown deals us with such a deft hand. The emotional tone reminds me of Brokeback Mountain and I consider that to be high praise. Not every ending is happy and sometimes hearts need to be broken to remind us to feel everything good AND bad. Thanks Ms. Brown. I needed bittersweet chocolate tonight. Well written and well done.Comment As part of the bittersweet dreams side of Dreamspinner Press, which promotes books with a happy for now rather than a happily ever after, this book is a perfect fit. If you're used to the story ending in a big red bow of happiness and love, you're going to be disappointed. For me, I just wanted to know how the story ended in the author's mind, so I felt compelled to send her an email and ask because it bugged me not knowing. I was good either way - whether he got the guy or not, but I just wanted to know! :)
Great book, sad that it was no hea. Would love to see max find his buttercup who stays for him.
I don't want to say too much ... only beautiful, bittersweet but realistic.
I have to download the sequel tomorrow! There is a cliffhanger.
Read much later, didn't see the info on no HEA.
Needs a HEA...
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