The Odd Egg (2008)
The Odd Egg (2008)
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‘The Odd Egg’, Emily Gravett,All the birds have laid an egg, except duck. So he finds one, one which is absolutely beautiful. But the other birds don’t agree, calling it a very ‘odd’ egg. Soon everyone’s eggs begin to hatch except for ducks egg. He waited and waited and waited until one day the egg started to hatch...The watercolour and pencil illustrations are both brilliant and sweet. The story is very witty (especially the ending) and the use of interactive pages make it entertaining with an element of surprise and suspense as to what each page reveals. Although the ending I found quite funny, it’s understandable if some readers are quite sensitive towards it as the ending is quite vague in what the crocodile does to the other animals. All in all a fun book to read, definitely could be used for whole class reading specifically for those in Early years. The Odd Egg:Summary: The odd egg is about different birds who have laid eggs, all the birds laid eggs except for Duck. One day Duck went out to find himself an egg, he thought he found the best egg of all but when he showed the others they made fun of him for it. Eventually, Duck’s egg cracked and out snapped an alligator. The illustrations in this book were fun.Response: This book reminded me of the very hungry caterpillar because of the way the pages were displayed. Each page grew bigger and bigger until the very end when the last page was a whole page. To me the meaning of this book is great. I believe the meaning behind this book is to be careful not to put others down or judge them. This is a strong message to all children of any age.Classroom Connections: I think the idea of treating others the way that you want to be treated links to this book really well. Children shouldn’t put others down just because others may be different or may not have the same things as them. This book relates that message, just in a more humorous and less serious way. This book could go right along with a lesson about treating others the way you’d like to be treated. Students could reflect on how they’d feel if they were in Duck’s position.CCSS: There is no information about the lexile or guided reading levels of this book. I think students between grades kindergarten through third would enjoy this book. Students in first grade would be able to independently read this book.
Funny picture book. I read it to my two year old daughter, she wants to sit on an egg now.
I don't really remember when I read this, so I entered best guess.
Very silly. Has lots of smaller page flaps making it interactive.
Fun book that puts a different spin on the topic of birth.
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