The Oracle Of Stamboul (2011)
The Oracle of Stamboul (2011)
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0062012096 (ISBN13: 9780062012098)
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Not your normal pleasure read, but I really enjoyed it.Let's see... It's about a little girl who ends up being adviser to the Sultan of Stamboul because of her wisdom, mental vision, and discernment. It's less about that, though, than it is about the world she lives in and the descriptions of her daily experiences. I thought it was a romantic and beautiful story, but at the same time, plot-wise, it's not a great book. (personal opinion) I did recommend it while reading it and would still recommend it having finished it, but in the "don't have great expectations of it just let it make an impression on you" sort of way.My response at the end wasn't "Wow! Amazing!" but I did have the happy sensation of "This book was un-fantastic enough to have actually HAPPENED" and THAT, I think, is reason enough to read it.There is enough of the fantastic and unrealistically heroic and epic already.I liked it :) The Oracle of Stamboul is written with an air of mystery. There is something unexplainable about Eleonora, a child genius who has had a flock of hoopoes follow her around since birth. There are several turns of events that are almost too quick and perhaps a bit underdeveloped that left me trying to figure out the larger purpose of the tale. Towards the very end of the book, I was left feeling unsure where the story was going and the ending left more to be desired. The author uses wonderful vocabulary that made the reading interesting, though I think the story fell a short of my expectations.
Fascinating story. Intoxicating scenery. Larger than life characters. This book was magnificent.
Would have given this book four stars but I thought it had a really weak ending.
Libro dalle grandi potenzialità, peccato siano rimaste inespresse...
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