The Original Folk And Fairy Tales Of The Brothers Grimm (2014)
The Original Folk and Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm (2014)
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Interesting to see how the tales were before they were scrubbed up to be less violent. Some of the tales are repetitive (how many times can a fleeing man and woman be turned into a rosebush and rose, followed by a pond and a duck?), but I thought it was interesting how many twists can be shared by fairly different stories. The volume is better to read as a cultural study rather than for the pure entertainment of the stories. For every Bluebeard, there are a dozen random stories that involve getting a head chopped off to break a curse. 2015 is the 200th anniversary of the completion and publication of the first compilation of "children's and household tales" by William and Jacob Grimm. This new edition with translation and introduction by Jack Zipes includes all of the 156 original tales. There would be six more editions where the brothers would gradually reduce the number of stories, but expand and polish those they thought were the best ones, at the same time making them more palatable. It's interesting because initially the brothers' aim was to collect and preserve in written form, folk tales that had been circulating orally in Germany for hundreds of years. The excellent introduction points out that the Grimms, for the most part, did not travel around the countryside interviewing people and writing down the stories they told. Most of the tales are from a relatively few sources who knew many of them. Many of the stories do seem rough and end abruptly. I can understand why the Grimms reconsidered and felt the need to smooth out these stories in subsequent editions. The illustrations in this edition are pen and ink drawings made to resemble paper cut-outs by Andrea Dezso. They are outstanding in their black and white starkness and capture the mood of enchantment brought by these familiar and not so familiar tales.
Finally! The tales become more senseless towards the end. But it's a fantastic book!
Excellent translation, comprehensive notes. Also loved the artwork
If you carry your childhood with you, you never become older...
Well, that was fascinated me for 12 hours of my life.
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