The Question Of The Missing Head (2014)
The Question of the Missing Head (2014)
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Midnight Ink
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This is the first of what I hope will be a series featuring Samuel Hoenig, a young man with Asperger’s Syndrome, the high-functioning manifestation of autism. People with Asperger’s Syndrome are often intellectually gifted and limited in their emotional range. Sherlock Holmes, Mr. Spock and a few real life technology industry leaders fit this profile. They can solve complex equations in their heads, remember volumes of data and yet fail to master simple manners or read expressions on faces.Samuel has just set up a business that answers questions. In this story, he ends up solving a murder and the mystery around a frozen head stolen from a cryonics facility, but only because he has been asked what happened to the head. He does not see himself as a detective but, rather, as a man who answers questions.Told from the first person, Samuel very logically and objectively describes how people with Asperger’s interact with the world. He tends to take things literally and is acutely sensitive to sound. There are times when the real world overloads his senses and causes him to melt down. He does not respond to displays of emotion, and has taught himself to adopt everyday courtesies because he knows they are expected of him.Fortunately for Sam, he has a wonderful mother and newfound business associate who help and look after him. He also makes some surprising friends among the local police force.This is a book that seeks to entertain and it does that job well. It doesn’t take itself too seriously and contains lots of humor. It seems ready-made for translation into a television show starring Jim Parsons, probably broadcast on the USA channel that brought us Monk and Psych. If you liked those shows, you’ll like this book. I realize that the author wishes to educate the public about Asperger's but his effort falls flat in the attempt at putting the Asperger persona in the form of a detective that shares every aspect of his personality and every thought that he has with the reader. Why not peak the reader's curiosity and give us the profile of Samuel Hoenig and have fun thinking about how Samuel will approach the problem? Samuel is an over drawn character who could better be defined by his actions rather than lecturing the reader on his personality issues. This is not a hard to read book but it lacks the kind of page turning appeal of a good mystery and does not get interesting until page 260. Even though this mystery had a good plot twist, I was so uninvested in the mystery that I did not even consider who might have done it which is the intellect fun of a mystery.
Nice start with a character who is different but copes with his problems.
Good overall story but liked the Asperger's twist a lot.
Liked the detective but not much of a mystery
Delightful and refreshingly unique.
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