The Requiem Rose: A Waverly Hills Story (2010)
The Requiem Rose: A Waverly Hills Story (2010)
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There is definitely a strange mix of topics covered in one story. Some of the topics present are race relations, bootlegging, 1920s medical practices, religion, survivor’s guilt, music, euthanasia, sexuality in the priesthood, and alcoholism. Whew. That’s a lot of topics to smush into one man’s life. Honestly, there’s so much going on that the actual story often takes a backseat. The story follows a doctor who works in the TB sanitorium in the 1920s. There is heavy use of flashbacks in the story. However, the flashbacks themselves are pretty random. There isn’t a linear storyline, but more like a big ball of wibbly-wobbley timey-wimey stuff. Sorry. That sentence got away from me. It’s not impossible to follow, but it would be an easier read if the flashbacks were linear. Overall, the story is slow moving, but enjoyable. This was a really great story though the setting was a bit depressing - a tuberculosis sanatorium where the treatment for the "cure" was fresh air, sunlight and, if needed, collapsing a lung and removing ribs. Yes, this was accurately the treatment for this disease at that time in history but in this story there is also music. However, the story is not so much this - this is just the setting. The story itself is the extraordinary people who work and are being treated for the disease - their relationship development of all characters within these pages and was a very good story to get wrapped up in.
The power of music and the mind to heal is compelling. Local references are fun for Louisvillians
I stayed up half the night reading. I've never done that before. thank you.
A good read inspired by a tuberculosis sanitarium located in Kentucky.
A lovely story set in Louisville.
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