The Rhyme's Library (2000)
The Rhyme's Library (2000)
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I found this to be very disjointed and the story really didn't flow at all. I found myself left wondering what was the role of Alec - had he just arrived in town to live, or was he a current resident? Why was there no real background? And why was everything focussed on the basement? Why was the character murdered all of a sudden. I felt that it started with a lot of promise, but it fluttered about from one plot point to another, without ever following up on the reason the plot had gone that way in the first place. The Rhyme's Library is a fun, light hearted mystery novel. Blair is the town librarian in a small US town. One day she finds the body of her Aunt Charlotte in the library basement, however by the time the Police arrive, Aunt Charlotte is missing. Given her Aunt has dementia and a history of running off, no-one believes her. Blair is determined to find her Aunt's body, and her killer, which sets off a chain of events that uncovers a town gigolo, a blackmail plot, millions of missing dollars, and secrets thought to be long buried. Entertaining characters and good plot twists, make this a fun read. If you enjoy the genre of the untrained sleuths outwitting the trained professional, then give this one a shot.
Sweet story, easy read, very predictable – holiday read.
Too many mysteries left unsolved.
Long book, kind of boring.
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