The Royal Ranger (2013)
The Royal Ranger (2013)
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0399163603 (ISBN13: 9780399163609)
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This book had me sobbing a couple times... Yeah.And that ending, why John Flanagan, why?!??Seriously though, amazing book. Absolutely heart wrenching, plot-twisty, action-packed, and extremely emotional! It was a great ending to an AMAZING series.I've been reading this series for the past few years and ugh I love it so much! I've become so emotionally attached to the characters--which was why this book had me in tears and on the edge of my seat. Great read, but I want more!! TCL CALL #: J FLANAGAN JChris’s Rating: 4 StarsWill Treaty’s life has been shattered with the death of his wife. He all but ignores his responsibility as a Ranger while seeking out those responsible for her death. Princess Maddie sneaks off into the woods in the night ignoring and manipulating her controlling parents. The solution to revitalizing the shell of a ranger and bringing discipline to the rebellious princess: Apprentice Maddie to Will. Because Will is her doting godfather Maddie expects a vacation, but a vacation isn’t exactly what is in store for her. She brings her own personality and skill and acquires more as she grows into the newest Ranger’s Apprentice.The Royal Ranger was classic Flanagan and definitely felt like a Ranger’s Apprentice book and worth the read if you enjoyed the previous set. From the blurb I was expecting more conflict between Will and his new apprentice. Maddie is not really a terrible girl and despite the fact that she is sometimes resistant, she works very hard to become what she must. The story builds in a solid, but not necessarily fast fashion with the main conflict being closer to the end (and in less pages) than I was expecting. A good read for 9-12 year-olds, or anyone who loves the series to date.
This was a great series of books...well worth the read.
This book is well written, and very interesting.
4.5 stars - One of my favorites in the series.
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