The Scourge Of Muirwood (2013)
The Scourge of Muirwood (2013)
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1612187021 (ISBN13: 9781612187020)
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I was pulled into this fantasy series, but as it continued, the apocalyptic fervor really started to bother me. I didn't mind the religious themes initially, but they eroded the plot by the end. So many of the character relationships and sub plots were simply given a sentence or two in the last chapter. It felt very rushed and I found myself thinking, "But what about...? I thought this was true, but not that." Too bad really, as it started off as a fun fantasy novel. I could not put this book down. Each book in the series gets increasingly better and I can honestly say now that I have read book three, this has been one of the most enjoyable trilogies I have ever read. The characters are incredibly real and well developed. The plot is thick with tangles. The story moves quickly. This third book is darkest, making it the most interesting. Truly loved this series. Better than Harry Potter if you ask me.
In the baby feeding haze I read this second. I thought the plot jumped ahead quite a bit.
Loved, loved this series!
3.5 stars.
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