The Secret Life Of Violet Grant (2014)
The Secret Life of Violet Grant (2014)
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0399162178 (ISBN13: 9780399162176)
Putnam Adult
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Vivian Schuyler is struggling to make it in 1960s publishing. She receives a notice to pick up a package at the post office and.meets a young doctor, Paul, while waiting for it. The package contains an old battered suitcase that belonged to Vivian's great aunt, Violet Grant, who disappeared in 1914 and was believed to have killed her husband. Violet was a scientist who went to Europe to study, who also struggled to make in a man's world. The two stories were told in alternating chapters that kept me reading. I loved this book! This is my favorite type of historical fiction. A sassy, cigarette smoking, martini drinking, flirty woman who wants to do her own thing regardless of what her parents expect. And her great Aunt who wants to be a scientist in an age when only men are worthy of such careers but finds herself marrying a perverse, adulterous professor. Vivian picks up a parcel from her post office and a charming doctor too (love this girl) in 1964 Manhattan! The battered suitcase is from 1914 and belonged to her great Aunt Violet who has been missing since 1914. Aunt Violet is suspected of murdering her husband and running off with her husband's colleague. Her family hasn't heard from her since. Intrigued yet?Vivian, being a journalist and a gal of natural curiosity, decides she wants to write about her Aunt's story because she thinks it might be her big break in the journalist world. Her editor at large isn't that interested, but Vivian decides to uncover the secrets of her Aunt's life anyways.And the adventure ensues. This books has so much going for it. Fun, flirty banter, smart interesting heroines, international travel, heart break, cigarette smoking and cocktail hours and full of mystery, espionage, adventure and raunchy behavior. The author does a great job of oscillated between the two heroines; great Aunt Violet's life in 1910 Germany and Vivian's in 1964 Manhattan and keeping you on the edge of your seat.Highly recommend for historical fiction fans, mystery, espionage fans and romance fans. .
Really liked this book. It had enough twists and turns to keep me turning pages!
Fun to read, but hasn't this general plot been done a thousands times?
Love this book. I could not put it down.
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