The Secret Of Everything (2009)
The Secret of Everything (2009)
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It felt drawn out & long & the parts that were supposed to be big and surprising weren't. I dis-liked that she ran things together like this and this and this and this and this. But other times she would run sentences like this and this and this, this and this and this. But the one that got really old was This. This. I really didn't like that. Didn't like it. Who words sentences like that? How does that even get published. Any ways, It just wasn't for me! ***3,5*** I was compelled to read this Barbara O’Neal – my first – because I read The Sleeping Night that she wrote as Barbara Samuel and that book was simply amazing and utterly excellent. The Secret of Everything is more like a formulaic Nora-Roberts-type of romance novel. It was good, but not as outstanding as her Sleeping Night. This is the story of Tessa Harlow, a hiking tour guide, who after a river accident a few months before, starts to have flashbacks of a childhood that is totally veiled in mystery. She decides to research her childhood and go spend some time in the village of Los Ladrones, New Mexico, where she was raised in a hippie commune until she was four years old. I wasn’t particularly taken with Tessa’s whole story at the beginning. Her job research for a hiking tour in that part of New Mexico was rather boring in my opinion, and not a captivating backdrop for what really was at the core of this story: Tessa meeting up with her past. That was the most important: finding out who she really is. But also Tessa meeting with her future, in the form of Vince's family.What I liked best about this novel was actually Vince’s family; his little girls Natalie, Jade and Hannah. Whenever they were on the page the whole story brightened and lightened up for me. I also liked the dynamics of Tessa falling for Vince and his little girls. There was a very realistic sense of two grown-up people being attracted to each other. The dialogues were grown-up and genuine too. And the love scenes felt real and were beautifully written.Notably all the secondary characters were pretty good too, especially Tessa’s father, Sam Harlow. There’s no mistake that the author envisaged the actor Sam Elliott when she wrote that part!Let me say it was a better & more realistic version of what Nora Roberts produces these days, and deserves a 3,5 stars.
Quick brainless chick lit. A bit much in some areas but worked for being sick at home.
Very intriguing, always kept turning pages!
Have loved ALL of Barbara O'Neal's books.
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