The Secret Wish List (2012)
The Secret Wish List (2012)
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Excellent writing skills That's what times of India said in their review. It is true indeed. Frankly speaking, most of part i think is same as The one you cannot have book. Sorry but that's what I felt. My suggestion to you is first read this one and then go with the next book of her. On the other hand, book was nice. Good story, all characters are well defined, flow was also good. The i wish the Secret wishlist could have long. But all are well explained. Good job ms Shenoy :) One shall credit Preeti Shenoy for motivating women to be independent, to live their lives, to come out of their cages and stand up for themselves. Having said that, I believe she has a myopic view on independence and life, to the least that is what I felt after reading this book. I would also suggest teenagers not to get inspired by this book. Her concept of first touch/kiss whatever, true love, adrenal rush through veins and getting back to her secret lover after 15 odd years of marriage is cheap. Women can do better standing out for themselves, taking control over their lives and engage in events than what the book suggests. After all, is the protagonist, Deeksha, really independent? Having to go back to her childhood boyfriend? Isn't she a pray of her hormonal rush? Her thoughts throughout the 15 years of marriage were filled with her secret lover, now how independent her decisions would actually be? The author portrays Deeksha's husband to be a conventional man and of whom Deeksha is scared. Having no say in their marital life and acting no more than a slave to her husband. It would have been a much better story if Deeksha would have fought to change or atleast try to change her husband's thinking and taking more control over their marital life. If that had not worked out well, she could have left him but certainly not for her childhood lover.
the actuak and true tale of many indian house wifes..
Nice read for those searching for light fiction.
I appreciate preeti for this wonderful book!
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