The Seduction Of His Wife (2011)
The Seduction of His Wife (2011)
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THE SEDUCTION OF HIS WIFE by Tiffany Clare is a delightful historical romance set in 1848 London. The hero in this story had an appearance in "Surrender of a Lady". This is a story of abandonment by a husband who returns after twelve years,of making sacrifices for love,being true to yourself,reacquainting with the person you left behind.After twelve long years of abandonment by her husband,Emma,has made a life for herself by painting erotic portraits unknown,and remaining a Lady. She is now being blackmailed by someone she believed to be her friend.Meanwhile,her husband,the handsome, Richard,returns home to England,after being abroad or elsewhere for twelve lone years.They where young when their marriage was arranged by their fathers,Emma only fifteen and Richard nineteen.Richard was looking for adventure,making a place for himself not looking to marry,so he left Emma,the morning after their wedding night,after consummating their marriage.Emma,only wanted Richard,for she had loved him forever,she wanted children and a life with Richard.But this wasn't to happen for twelve long years.Richard coming back to England,runs into Emma at no other place than a brothel.What the world was she doing there? Being blackmailed she was forced to go to meet with who she thought her friend,until he decided to blackmail her.Threatening to expose her secret paintings.She runs into Richard as she is leaving the brothel,the blackmailer did not show up.This is a fast paced,adventure filled,full of sensual passion with an underlying story going on between Emma's older sister and Richard's best friend.This is a captivating story that will keep you turning the pages from the first page to the last.I would highly recommend this book especially if you enjoy sizzling sensual romance,seduction and a passion for life.DO BE WARNED, IT DOES HAVE A LOT OF SENSUAL SCENES,BUT THE TITLE TELLS IT ALL "SEDUCTION OF HIS WIFE"! The story has interesting plots:Can after twelve years of abandonment, a husband court his wife,win her back,finally find love,keep from being killed,sell his business of opium trade and survive it all? Find and keep the love of his life and find true purpose in his life.? This book was received for the purpose of review from St. Martin's Paperbacks,a division of St. Martin's Press and My Book Addiction and More. I had read Ms. Clare's previous/debut book, The Surrender of a Lady. While its premise was intriguing and unusual, I just could not connect with the characters, especially in the latter half of the novel. Thankfully I didn't have a problem with The Seduction of His Wife. Seducing one's own wife? I'm there!Emma and Richard have what's considered a norm of the times: an arranged marriage. The snippets at the beginning of each chapter, I assume, are letters Emma wrote but did not send to Richard. In these letters, she pours her heart out, loving him, seeking his return, yet hating him for leaving. He abandoned her and despite their marriage of convenience, Emma had hoped to have a true life with him. Instead she's left to move forward, and she does so via her artwork.Richard returns to England a wealthier man and is quite surprised to see his wife for the first time in years in a brothel. Once he is able to ascertain that she isn't the young bride he left -- and that he might actually have deep feelings for her -- he sets about wooing her. Of course, Emma is affronted by this behavior. What I loved was Emma's back-and-forth struggle with the fact that she wanted Richard but she was terrified of him hurting her again. It felt very true to life, especially Emma's life where she'd been self-sufficient and independent for so long. Once Emma's life is in danger, Richard's decision about his love for her is made, and we can believe they will reconnect and have a stronger marriage for their time apart. Emma's sister Abby's departure was rather abrupt, so I'm interested to learn her motivations in Ms. Clare's next book, The Secret Desires of a Governess.
It was a fun story to read, and I tore right through it. The book was exactly whatI was looking for.
Was pretty well written, but not very admirable characters and redundant "love" scenes.
Ms. Clare just gets better and better. Loved it.
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