The Sex Club (2013)
The Sex Club (2013)
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Thomas & Mercer
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It was a surprising great book. The mystery, the drama, the suspense and the anticipation was pretty great and well done in the book. The only thing that I didn't like was the ending. It keeps you like you were reading a script for a TV show and the next book it becomes the next episode. For me didn't even make sense or fulfill anything at all!! I don't mind cliffhangers but this one didn't do it for me!! I did my best to love it but I don't think I could keep reading the other books!! Besides that, it's a good book! This showed up in my collection thanks to Amazon - ya know, almost free sale - get you to buy the first one or two, get hooked on buying the rest of the series at full price.There really wasn't anything wrong with the whodunit aspect, and the stomping grounds of the story reflects today's society trying to deal with teenage sex, drugs, abusive parents, abortion and planned parenthood - small 'p's'And of course I didn't figure out whodunit until the 'reveal' at the end of the book.I did find it a bit over the top on the social issues. I understand author's right to put social causes into their books, sometimes with and without taking a stand. Ms Kingsolver certainly writes about the environment, to mention one, and Carl Hiaasen beats you about the head and shoulders with 'save the Everglades'It just seemed a couple of characters in the book were sooo over the top, overly stereotypical, to the point they almost became cartoon characters.I have my own opinion about all these issues and think there is something for all of us to rationally consider the pros and cons, but this just seemed to be beating my head with a hammer.I did like the writing, the main characters and the convuluted story line(s), and will read the second in the series in hopes it isn't quite so 'loud'
First book in the series that I read last year! checking out how it all stsarted!
Not a bad crime thriller. Will definitely read more from this series.
Loved it! On to the Detective Jackson Book #2!
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