The Silent Spirit (2009)
The Silent Spirit (2009)
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0425229769 (ISBN13: 9780425229767)
Berkley Hardcover
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This is the second Coel book I've read. I enjoyed reading this book until the very end. Coel deftly wove the past in with the present. I learned something new about Native Americans and silent films. Making the Indian scenes realistic was important, so using real Indians was the studio's best choice for the time. The mystery of what happened to Kiki and what happened to William kept me reading to see what would happen next. I especially enjoyed Coel's detailed descriptions of the winter landscape, the way things sounded, smelled, and felt. It all made me feel that I was in the truck with Father John or walking in the snow with Vicki. The ending left me hanging too much, though. I don't mind being left hanging a little, and I know that Father John and Vicki's relationship isn't going to evolve into a romantic one, but I would have liked a little more closure and little more time spent on the resolution. I would have given this book 5 stars if it wasn't for the abrupt ending. I would recommend it and yes, I will probably read another Coel book. This a pretty easy read. Coel has written a bunch of these Wind River Reservation mysteries - about 17 or 18. Rather regional I suppose since the reservation never moves. I've not read any of the other entries in this series. Rather well done - the story shifts from the present back about 90 years to the Hollywood of the Silent Screen era and a supposed crime that took place back then. Those types of shifts can be jarring to the reader but her transitions seemed quite smooth to me. It probably helps if you are somewhat taken with old movies and the people involved with them (I am). I may not read another in the series but enjoyed this one.
A clear look at days gone by. As usual, Margaret Coel paints vivid pictures with her writing.
Wonderful sense of place (Wind River) and good blending of past and present mysteries.
I enjoy this series that features an Arapaho lawyer and an Irish Catholic priest.
A good story and telling of the story. One of her best.
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