The Spellmans Strike Again (2010)
The Spellmans Strike Again (2010)
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1416593403 (ISBN13: 9781416593409)
Simon & Schuster
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It's time for the Spellman family to size up their competition! In keeping with the tales, it isn't a pretty, neat little package of a tale. However, it is another day to doggedly follow the case in the eccentric, persistent and wacky Spellman fashion. What can I say? This series is just fun and pleasantly missing some of the annoying damsel in distress stereotyping which plagues some other detective series. This is book #4 in the series and the author's writing style is consistent with the first three books, each of which I rated 5 stars. Her story-telling ability and her wit have not lost an ounce of freshness and the actual mysteries/cases that occurred as part of Isabel's job were actually more involved and given more weight than in the first three books. And Isabel's character grew stronger emotionally again.So why the 3 stars this time instead of 5? Primarily, it is because of the way the author developed the characters of Isabel's mother, Olivia, and her sister, Rae. When Ms. Lutz had Olivia (the mother) treat Isabel in the basement the same way that Rae (the sister) had treated Isabel in the file room and when Rae pulled her last stunts in the community garden and the Sunday dinner, I lost all tolerance. Up to that point, Olivia and Rae have been characterized as intelligent, but eccentric and opportunistic, meddlers. Now - their characterizations have crossed the line from opportunistic to that of pathological predators. Bottom line: Isabel does not stand a chance now, which means that Henry is lost, too. And that is just wrong! I know that, in reality, the predators win more often than not. But a predator, particularly when that predator is a parent, is not a funny character and no amount of snark can smooth this over.An author has the right to create and progress their characters and their story lines any way they choose - just ask Janet Evanovich and Charlaine Harris! But, I, as reader, have a right to choose what I read. If I had not won book #6 in this series in a Goodreads Giveaway, I would stop reading this series now. But the publisher has been gracious enough to send me a copy and I will not accept this gift without reading the book and writing a review as thanks for that gift. However, I will not spend money on book #5; I will retrieve it from the local library and push my way through it so that I can honor my obligation to the publisher.Then - I'm done with Lisa Lutz.
Where has this series been all my life? I love it. Smart and funny writing.
An easy read, but I find the protagonist somewhat irritating.
I love the Spellmans! They are eccentric and hilarious!!!
Another highly entertaining book.
J'adore cette série !!
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