The Spider's Web (2010)
The Spider's Web (2010)
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0425236609 (ISBN13: 9780425236604)
Berkley Hardcover
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#15 in the Wind River series. Winner of the 2011 Hillerman Sky Award.Wind River series - The murder of Ned Windsong, leaves a trail of suspicion around jilted girlfriend, Roseanne; white fiancee, Marcy; and thuggish friends Lionel and Dwayne. Father John provides refuge for Marcy and a hiding place for Roseanne, but his doubts about Marcy anger Vicky. Marcy's televangelist father hires Vicky to protect his daughter's interests. Part of a long-running mystery series, the Wind River Mysteries feature Father John O'Malley, a mission priest, and Arapaho attorney Vicky Holden. In this book, after Arapaho Ned Windsong is found dead his white girlfriend Marcy is seen as the prime suspect even after she identifies two men as his assailants. At the request of Marcy's televangelist father, Vicky Holden agrees to represent Marcy's interests; but Father O'Malley glimpses something in the girl's behavior that disturbs him. The ultimate solution to the puzzle wasn't difficult to figure out, but it's still an enjoyable story.
The latest in the excellent series by Ms. Coel. I like her writing even more than Tony HIllerman.
Not a huge fan, probably wouldn't read another by this author.
Light read for a mystery.
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