The Spirit Keeper: A Novel (2013)
The Spirit Keeper: A Novel (2013)
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Yesterday I was looking for some fiction to read and I remember that I had not yet cracked this novel, which I acquired at the Kentucky Book Fair in November. I met the author and she was a kindred spirit: naturalist, writer, and as I was in the throws of NaNoWriMo writing a historical novel, we shared the compulsion that we know and feel our history before placing it on the page. So I opened this one last night, and literally could not put it down. There's nothing I like better than getting lost in a good novel, one that compels me to stay the course as I am transported away from my own here and now. This is such a novel. While I don't want to add any spoilers, I will say that I found the plot to be compelling and not predictable, and the female protagonist is simply wonderful, true and believable of voice and likable to boot. So glad I had the sense to buy this book. Now, where is the sequel? If Cinderella were an Irish immigrant this would be her story.THE SPIRIT KEEPER is a summer read, what a friend refers to as a trashy novel. The heroine is a much-oppressed settler on the American frontier, long before anyone was taking up arms against the King. Katie is taken prisoner by Indian raiders, a common enough practice at the time, but she is unknowingly special because her captor has come all the way from the far west to find her because he had a vision about her.The story touches on Native American culture but not in a way that seems all that accurate. Given that the tribal affiliation is never mentioned, it's hard to say. It's all quite fairy-tale-like in the telling, and given that this is very much a romance, it probably doesn't matter a bit.So the abused daughter from the dysfunctional family goes off with her captors because it's better than remaining in the cinders, as it were, and she falls in love with a very unreliable narrator. Halfway through the novel there's a twist that is not unknown in light reading, and there are the usual dangers of cross country travel in the untamed wilderness. Thanks to total immersion, Katie learns the language and the habits of her captor, comes to understand how they can believe what they do as compared to how whites believe what they do, and it's a happy ending all around. There's even a token LGBT character tossed in for diversity.The novel is a good pick for a beach read or a lazy summer weekend.
Really liked this one, it had a different kind of story and kept me reading
One of the best books I have read this year. I couldn't put it down.
13th child, goes with the Indians
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