The Star Dwellers (2012)
The Star Dwellers (2012)
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David Estes
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I am continually floored by the characters in this series. Estes has created truly unique characters in them all. There is an equal balance of action and romance. The plot moves along just as it should, at a steady pace. A pace that will make you continually turn the page and not regret one minute of it. The two main characters, Tristan and Adele, are equal parts awesome! I cannot wait to read the next two books in this installment! This is a well written, easy read. The Star Dwellers pick up where The Moon Dwellers left off. The story just keeps getting better. This series has exceeded my expectations. Dystopian is not typically the type of story I read but I was immediately drawn in by the first book. The condition the people live in is intolerable, they have no quality of life. There are many plot twists and not everything is as it seems. The characters are remarkable and I feel as if I have made some new friends. Their emotions are authentic and they seem very genuine. This book has love, mystery, excitement, violence, rebellion - what more could I ask for from a book? Love this series!!
I totally LOVED that book!!!!! I'm on The Sun Dwellers now. Can't wait to read it!!!!!
interesting premise, well written
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