The Stolen One (2009)
The Stolen One (2009)
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when i read the review i originally thought it was a werewolf book because of all the wolf talk and stuff but then i found out it was a historical fiction book. it was good actually. even though i was looking for more of a paranormal book because thats what i mostly read i kept reading this one because there good twists to the book. though the ending was a bit lacking i think if you read this book you will be enjoying it till the end. i wont give any spoilers or anything and let you all decide if you think the ending was good or a bit rushed. but over all you should read if your in the mood for a bit of a history lesson Katherine knows that Grace hides things from her. But what Grace doesn't realize is that Katherine knows where her hiding spots are. Maybe one of the hidden treasures will bring a clue to whom she really is.Katherine Babs has always wanted a better life. She spends her days in a small cottage embroidering beautiful clothes for royalty, along with her sister Anna and her mother Grace. Grace isn't Katherine's biological mother, and over the years has refused to answer any of Katherine's questions. A neighboring pear farmer, Christian, has asked for Katherine's hand in marriage. She bides her time on answering him. But when Grace suddenly dies, Katherine flees to London to uncover the secret of who she really is, and leaves Christian alone.Kat's fiery red hair and beautiful sewn clothes gather the Queen's eye, and Kat soon finds herself as one of her ladies. Katherine quickly finds herself as one of Queen Elizabeth's favorites, even among the rumors that Katherine could be the secret daughter of the Virgin Queen. She misses her quaint village and Christian, but keeps herself busy embroidering beautiful dresses, and the two handsome men at court who vye for her affections.Even as the clues unfold that determine who Katherine is, the danger to her life escalates. She must soon come to a decision that will affect the rest of her life and the Court. For matters of the heart are not decisions made lightly.THE STOLE ONE is a bewitching novel set in Tudor England, rich in period detail, suspense, and romance. Kat is a spectacular character, who just wants to find out where she belongs. There are many interesting characters in THE STOLEN ONE that will intrigue you. I was mesmerized with this story, and thoroughly enjoyed it!
One more lost baby from history what if story. Interesting historical anomaly but weak story.
Kat was not a favorite lead character. But I did enjoy the historical aspect of this book.
Even though I didn't get some of the language it was an AMAZING book!!!
Loved the books beginning and suspense not thrilled with the ending
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