The Strain (2009)
The Strain (2009)
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0061558230 (ISBN13: 9780061558238)
William Morrow
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If you like Zombie books, this is the book for you. I'm a Vampire fan and did not like the characteristics of the Vampires depicted in this book. And no-Vampires don't have to be sexy, but I don't like them mindless which is how most of them are described here. To me, that is more Zombie behavior.The beginning of the book was good. I was looking forward to the mystery evolving of the plane landing with unusual circumstances. The middle of the book was kind of boring (for non-zombie fans), then the ending was exciting.The book definitely left a typical opening for continuing the series. I read this after seeing the first season of the FX tv show. Comparatively, it was a little slower. I do really like the story and have continued reading the trilogy. If you haven't seen the show, but like monster/sci-fi stories then you'll enjoy the book. If you have seen the show go ahead and just start on book two, The Fall. I definitely recommend the show. Unlike a film where the adaptation has to be shortened and condensed, a season of 40 minute episodes really allowed the story to expand and go places beyond just the book.
Interesting promising story, but characters are poor and predictable
An amazing vampire story well written. One of my favorites books.
CERTAINLY will continue On with this one!
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