The Subtle Beauty (2014)
The Subtle Beauty (2014)
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I would say I rather enjoyed the story overall, but there were a few things I did not like. For one, I wished that the author had developed the storyline involving that creepy sorcerer in the woods. As it was I felt that so much could have been done with him!! Also I wished that the author spent more time developing Glory's relationship with the Griffon (and to make her and the Griffon's relationship more convincing to be honest), and that perhaps Glory's personality transformation was rather dramatic. One last thing is that I wish that there was more world building because it was a really cool setting and I wish there was more exploration of it! Other than this it was a highly enjoyable read, and I would have given it 5 stars if there were about 200 more pages! First of all, I want to give props to the author for doing a fantastic job on portraying Glory's vanity...I literally wanted to reach between the pages and shake her! So, for those who have trouble reading about spoiled brats, I promise, there IS a point to it in this book! This is an easy read, with a translation guide to help with certain phrases. This book didn't have me riveted but it was a good one to pass the time. It was an interesting twist to the Beauty and the Beast story. I would have to say the griffon was my favorite character...and the king. I enjoyed the wisdom they showed. I would say young girls, probably 12/13+, would enjoy this.I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
wonderful story and I highly recommend it...especially to those that ĺove Fairytales.
Too confusing. Didn't really read well at all.
wonderful book
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