The Sultan Wife (2012)
The Sultan Wife (2012)
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The characters were one dimensional and the story line was highly implausible bordering on the ridiculous including its happy ending. The main character, a eunuch slave working for the sultan of Morocco who falls in love with one of the harem's English concubines, survives so many potential deaths you'd think he sold his soul to the devil. The novel is quite readable though and it really picks about 2/3s of the way through. You can tell that that author did a reasonable amount of research on the topic but i cannot help but feel that she was satisfying some personal fantasy of the damsel Englishwoman being rescued by the tall dark handsome African. If you enjoy a light read about exotic places this book is for you. The sights and sounds of Morrocco and those of Charles' IInd's London are brought vividly to life by Jane Johnson; and so is the pitiable condition of slaves captured by barbary pirates.At every twist and turn of the novel I hoped Nus Nus a ennuch of African origing and Alys Swann captured by corsairs, faced with death if she did not renounce her faith in order to become a member of the tyrannical Sultan Moulay Ismail, would triumph over their many tribulations.The final resolution took me completely by surprise and provided a satisfying end to this enthralling novel.
nice writing style. makes me consider going to Morocco for a vacation. great summer read.
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Thoroughly engrossing.
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