The Sweet In-Between (2009)
The Sweet In-Between (2009)
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1602853797 (ISBN13: 9781602853799)
Center Point
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I gobbled up this coming of age story of Kenny (Kendra) who is struggling with her gender identity while working hard to belong to her Incarcerated father's girlfriend "Aunt" Glo's little family. The book opens with an accidental killing in the adjoining duplex and Kenny's reactions to this event. All of the characters rang true with their quirks and flaws as well as redeeming qualities. Humorous too. The back of the book says that it this book is a tender... A sweet coming of age story. I don't think they could be more wrong. This story like Sheri's other titles weaves a complex web between the characters and their inner struggles. Sheri's writing has a knack of touching a reader's deep, dark secrets thoughts. Most of her books shine light into the confusing, and potentially dangerous world of sex.
I am tired of cisgender writers writing about gender-variant people. The end.
Good fast read. Rapture of Canaan is still my favorite of Sheri's books.
from the bitch media "100 young adult books for the feminist reader"
Odd. Very strange story.
Read sometime in 2008
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