The Talents (2012)
The Talents (2012)
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Dancia lives with her grandmother and doesn't have any friends. This is on purpose, because long ago Dancia learned that when she cares about people, bad things happen. Dancia has a special ability that allows her to protect the ones she loves, but sometimes other people get hurt in the process. Recently, she saved her grandmother and a hospital lobby full of people when a gunman began to open fire on everyone. She prevented the incident, but the man fell and hit his head and is still in a coma. Learning of this bravery, Dancia is recruited for a prestigious school--Delcroix Academy. Can she risk attending this new school and drawing attention to herself? What if more people get hurt? Dancia Lewis has problems, big problems. Whenever Dancia sees someone that might get hurt she has to save them, and with her strange abilities it's possible, but people get hurt. So Dancia avoids using them at all cost by distancing herself from people in order to avoid hurting them. All this changes though when recruiters from the prestigious Delcroix academy come and invite her to join the school, a place for rich, gifted children. Dancia thinks she can't possibly fit in, but joins anyway, where she meets dreamy junior Cam, and makes friends for the first time. But as the school year progresses, Dancia wonders why she's here, she isn't gifted outside of her special abilities, and they couldn't possibly know about them, could they? Just to get things straight, I really would have loved to give this book a one star, it was awful. The only reason that I even gave it two was because of Jack, the-side-character-who-should-have-been-in-a-different-novel, who I loved. If he hadn't been there, one star for sure. I had decent hopes for this book, private boarding school for kids with special abilities. Sounds great right? WRONG. This book is a bundle of cliché nonsense, a stupid heroine, and stupid love interest. Why do I even get my hopes up? First, the characters. Danica, Dancia, Dancia. You actually had some sort of potential, in the beginning you had a selfless attitude, something that made you relevantly bearable, you had good reason for hiding your powers and I liked you for that. But then you become like every other YA heroine, stupid and madly in love with a person as equally stupid as you. “Everything isn’t about you Dancia.” This is the best line in the entire book and it's unfortunately the biggest lie in the entire book, because everything, undoubtedly about Danica. (Speaking of which, the name. WTF is that name from? The only explanation of it is that her mother liked the sound of it, that's a stupid reason for giving an ordinary girl such a random and nonsensical name.) the school was practically built for her, Cam was sent to follow her, everybody loves her despite her being utterly useless. WHY. I don't see why? She has no personality, the characters in the book can't get over how "strong" and "honest" she is but she really isn't! She's boring, dull. Her entire being revolves around Cam leaving nothing else, there is no logical reason for people to like her, she's just so...boring. And also suffering from a severe case of Bella syndrome, in which the clutzy (or below average girl) who doesn't look beautiful at all (but everyone tells her she's gorgeous) falls in love with the random guy for no reason, and finds out in the end that she really is beautiful! Because love interest tells her so! Which leads me to Cam. Gorgeous, erm, gorgeous, ah...alright he's just gorgeous. THAT IS IT. We don't know anything else about him besides, he's a Junior hitting on a freshman (creepy.) and...he likes Dancia, doesn't like Jack pretty. He's pretty much your average Dave, loves everybody (except Jack) nice to everyone, and has the personality of a daisy. And Dancia loves him. For no reason. He loves her. For no reason. I DON'T UNDERSTAND WHY. IT MADE NO SENSE. Their relationship was one of the worst, random acts of YA love I have ever been forced to read about, girl meets boy, boy is pretty, girl is not, boy follows girl around school, they speak about five words, girl likes boy because he's pretty, BOY AND GIRL FALL MADLY IN LOVE. Scott, you are responsible for all mindblowing headaches and screaming fits I experienced while reading this book. Jack. The saving grace of this whole book, Jack had personality, sure he was doomed. Because interesting ones that actually care about the main character and have personality outside of OH LOOK AT ME I'M SO GORGEOUS never get the girl, sorry Jack. You really should have gone into another novel where you would have been appreciated more. The plot. There was no plot. Dancia goes to school, she's special-special. I'm expecting a school like Professor X style, but em, no. It's highschool. For most of the book, nothing happens but highschool FOR MOST OF THE BOOK. And then in the last couple of pages the author remembers that some of her characters are special-special and Dancia has a legit reason for being at the school and so...stuff happens. No plot, no villain. No point. What was the author thinking when she wrote this? Was there any planning? Was there a point to this book outside of Cam and Dancia, who had, I might add no chemistry what so ever, had no reason to fall in love outside of Cam using her, which he didn't, I wish he did, I hoped he had, but he didn't. He was just in wuv.) fall in love? Everything...was so pointless, and made no sense. Anything that showed creativity was squashed, anything that looked like a plot line was killed with the lame excuse of Jack being evils. Which he wasn't, he just didn't like being used by the school, which I might add, who would blame him? The girl he loves is an air-head who loves a guy who was using her for most of the book, everyone in the school mistrusts him, and everyone thinks he's evil for using his powers to defend his mother from his drunk of a father. Jack. You are so means. So evils. I can't believe you were allowed to live with that under your belt.I know this isn't a legit review, but this wasn't a legit book. Just like the review has no purpose, the book itself has no purpose! The only saving point of this book was Jack, but he's not worth the time I wasted, the brain cells I lost, the time I spent screaming at Cam and Danci's stupid relationship, oh, and Dancia's Grandma, who was actually awesome and acted like a real person.In the end "The Candidates." was a failure, I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys shallow relationships! Plotless books! And air-headed heroes with strange, unrealistic names for no reason other than the author thought it sounded cool! Two stars (And only for Jack.)
What a great read. Read it in one sitting. Can't wait for book 2.
I read this but I can't remember it. I need to read it again :(
Quite interesting, and Jack was intriguing.
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