The Thirteen Curses (2000)
The Thirteen Curses (2000)
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Thirteen Curses is the 2nd book of the series that started with Thirteen Treasures. the series has been great been great so far. And I can't wait to read the third book. I just hope that the 3rd book is as good as the first and second.This book takes place in the fairy realm where the star of the book (Red/Rowan) is trapped with only one way out. she must find all the 13 charms from her friend Tanya's bracelet. But with each charm comes with a curses that represents the twisted qualities of each of the thirteen treasures. If Red succeeds she will be able to get her brother back and leave the fairy realm forever. This series is for people who like to connect with the characters of there story and like action packed adventures with a twist if fairy fancy to make things all the better. I hope you like this book as much as I did. This is my favourite out of the series! I loved the plot, the characters really grew on me and one particular section in the fairy realm was outstanding. My mind is still lingering on it; it was so well done. I can just see the fairy realm so clearly. The worldbuilding was awesome - so much depth. Also the charm bracelet's part in this was awesome! It was maybe too easy, but it had to be because of the ending, and is well worth sticking with (though I really enjoyed it). It was very well-done, as I'm usually the first to complain if something's way too easy in a novel, but this worked.
My 10 year old could not and would not put it down.
Uh oh. I can't get my eyes off this book!
Just as good as the first one!
just not interested right now
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