The Three Billy Goats Gruff (2000)
The Three Billy Goats Gruff (2000)
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059001613X (ISBN13: 9780590016131)
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This book is very special to me because it's one of my first memories at pre-school. This book was read to me once before I actually read it physically because we did a "play" on this for the parents and the teachers would read this to us several times a day as well as during the play. I actually got to read it to pre-school kids when I was volunteering at the very same pre-school I went to. Needless to say it's one of my favorite children books because of how easy it is. It's also cute, but "scary" and funny at the same time. I enjoyed it every time I read it and even more so when reading it aloud to children and see them interact with it. This has always been a cute story to read to a classroom! It tells of three billy goat brothers that must use their minds to fool the troll into letting them cross the bridge. The first two brothers know that they cannot beat the mean troll so they say that he should not eat them because the next brother is larger. this allows the two youngest to pass so that their oldest brother can fight the troll. This story emphasizes the importance of family and protecting those who are weaker than you that you love.the Illustrations done by Gavin Scott are great! He uses vibrant colors and child friendly characters that all kids would enjoy looking over.
Rabbit Ears productions are consistently good quality as is this story.
Not the best rhyming...other stories done by this author are better.
Emily loves these colorful illustrations!
Billy goats, trolls and bridges.
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