The Titanic Locket (2014)
The Titanic Locket (2014)
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0545588421 (ISBN13: 9780545588423)
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I found this book to be an easy read that I think my 3-5 grade students will enjoy. Many are interested in the Titanic and scary stories, so this is a great pairing. I found it to be scary enough without going overboard. I love that it is historical in the characters that are used and talked about when referencing the history of the boat (although I'm not sure about the twins). I like that there are multiple scares going on that help move the reader through the book (scare, recover, scare, recover...) I look forward to the next in the series and hope they continue with high interest historical topics for kids.I received this book as a galley for free from NetGalley in return for an honest review. I loved this book. Each chapter kept you going with susspense. I wanted too keep reading more and more each chapter.One of my favorite parts was when Kitty the dog came running and pushed Sally Kelly to the floor and he was just on top of her keeping her pinned down.My second favriote part was when Madeame Valenska chanted the spirts to be gone at the end. She said it like this and I quote "Sprit of Alice Littlefeild,depart!Spirit of Matilda LittleFeild,depart!" and for Sally Kelly the same thing. You might be wondering who these people are if you were too lazy to read the book or you didn't feel like it. Alice and Matilda they are twins who died in 1912 on the first Titanic who still wanted revenge. Samantha and Jessie two sisters that look like twins but were born a year apart they are sisters as well as best friends they touched some thing that they weren't supposed to and now they are going to "pay the price." Sally Kelly another girl who is on the cruse and touched some thing she wasn't supposed to but the gost her has taken her body and is try to settle unfinished bissness with Alice and Mitilda. Jhon and Jhon both of them have nice young ladies who want him but ghost Jhon who is married to Sally Kelly. Alice, Mitilda,and Sally Kelly are fighting over him, and before the cruse is over humans and ghost have to reslove and get over fudes before its too late.
I truly enjoyed this book. Every page is full of excitement. I can not to read the entire series.
I would recommend this to people who like mystery, thriller and historical books.
It was a good book. I dont like reading, but I enjoyed it.
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