The Tools. By Phil Stutz, Barry Michels (2012)
The Tools. by Phil Stutz, Barry Michels (2012)
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I LOVE THIS BOOK! But the collective book reader-reviewer score shows that not everybody feels the same, so see for yourself.I was ACTIVELY LOOKING for a book exactly like this one, having given up on traditional medicine (especially psychotherapy) to cure what ails me. Now I believe that I have the right tools to work my in we never stop taking steps to be-become the person we want to be.Thank you Phil Stutz and Barry Michels!Namaste. I should've known since I read praise from Dr. Oz. I'm feeling a mix of likeness and disappointment, some of the advices here are really helpful and even when I don't think they're THE tools to live better, I do believe they could be very helpful. My only problem is when they start talking about God.Call me whatever you want, but I refuse to believe you can't change your life if you don't believe in God, it's an absurd reduction as if I said you can't change your life if you DO BELIEVE in God. Of course I smelled this twist when they mention the higher forces being there to take care of you or the universe having some challenges set specifically for you, but I didn't think it was gonna get that bad towards the end. I'm disappointed because I thought the view of someone telling other people to change their lives for good could be more universal... but boy was I wrong.Ps. The illustrations on this book are so painful to see that I feel bad for whoever thought those doodles were just fine. As a graphic designer I can say that, for a doctor who focuses on improving his own life and the lives of others every single day, these illustrations speak of the level of commitment and professionalism of a middle school student.
Some interesting outlooks and ideas but for me it was not that inspiring.
The authors are taking a piss out of self-help literature readers.
This was a good read which I've recommended.
Ruined by godliness.
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