The Tools: Transform Your Problems Into Courage, Confidence, And Creativity (2012)
The Tools: Transform Your Problems into Courage, Confidence, and Creativity (2012)
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030736092X (ISBN13: 9780307360922)
Random House Canada
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This book resonated with me, though I'm not exactly sure why. Yes it contains a lot of references to "higher power" and connecting to it, which is "woo woo" in my opinion. However, at the heart of the matter is the book addresses thought and emotional patterns that significantly hold people back. To address the issues, the authors have a set of "tools" that they suggest. These tools are simply premeditated thought and emotional patterns to counter the harmful patterns. By systematically and habitually substituting the thought patterns, a person can move from stuck to productive; held hostage by their emotions to open by them.I'm sure there are many ways to achieve that result, but this book seems to be a concise and yet thorough enough. Somewhat interesting with a handful of simple self-help techniques, but the hokey insistence of faith in a higher power was a tremendous put off (listening to this one in audiobook format didn't help this). To the author's credit, I believe there is value in taking power from a deeply meaningful root and at least it was a non-specific higher power, but why not just put it into realistic language without the mysticism?
Some very thought provoking strategies for working through conflict and life challenges.
I got a lot of good ideas from this book, but I felt a bit patronized by its approach.
Very helpful ways of training one's thoughts (cognitive behavior therapy).
liked the reversal of desire. didn't really connect with the rest.
Self-help without the usual "voodoo" stuff. Highly effective :)
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