The Trunk Key (2000)
The Trunk Key (2000)
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It's amazing what a writer can bring you for under 3 Dollars. This book will not win the Pulitzer price, it will not be remembered as a timeless novel in years to come. However, I found it highly entertaining. It is an easy read. If you take away anything from it, it is that there are truly good people on this world, and that there is always hope. Especially when you decide to take positive action. I thought this was a well done story. I've always enjoyed stories where you are literally just dropped into the middle of something that is already happening and it ends in the middle of something happening. This just makes more sense to me than a 500 page story trying to cram all past, present, and future stuff into one book so they can tie it all up in a pretty bow in the end. It just feels more real. The only information you get is what is willingly shared by the character through her inner monologue and her own observations. I mean how many times do you tell someone something and then begin to recount your entire life's experiences to make sure the listener knows every detail of your life? If you do then I feel sorry for your friends. This story is about a woman who almost gets in a car accident and as the secondary vehicle swerves and bounces to avoid her she sees their trunk come open just enough to let her see that there may or may not be a child in the trunk. The rest of the story is us following along with the protagonist and only learning something as she does. Very suspenseful and frightening given the nature of the topic. There were moments throughout the story, however, that let us know that we are just along for the ride and have no control. Like the fact that through the entire story she is randomly trying to come up with nicknames for her car. We can see that not only is this a product of her nervous mind trying to fill it with something not quite so intense, but also a display of human nature. It's only natural that regardless of how bad the circumstances our minds will wonder to something that gives us a break from it. Like being at a funeral and all of the sudden thinking to yourself "I wonder if my show recorded like I set it up to?". It doesn't show callousness or a lack of empathy, it instead shows a true human aspect and that even in this kind of harrowing dilemma, themes like the TV show 24 are just that; a TV show, not how life actually operates.I would definitely recommend this story to anyone who enjoys thriller/suspense and has an hour to kill.
This started out good but after the second chapter it was not believeable or fun to read.
Fast moving and easy reading. Read in a day.
Nice short intense read! (Only 100 pages)
cute. good story.
That was fun!
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