The Two Week Wait (2012)
The Two Week Wait (2012)
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1250021480 (ISBN13: 9781250021489)
St. Martin's Griffin
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I saw this book in a second hand book store and immediately knew that I had to buy it because I’d really enjoyed One Moment, One Morning by the same author. The Two Week Wait follows some of the same characters, including Lou, Karen and Anna from the previous book, as well as adding a new dimension with some unfamiliar faces. I’d taken the characters in the original book so much to heart that I really hoped I wouldn’t be disappointed in their developments and I certainly wasn’t!Lou and Cath are the central characters of the novel. Both have decided that they want to have a baby but need to have IVF to maximise their chances and so Lou becomes an egg donor to Cath. Despite never even knowing each other’s names, the women feel a strong connection as they become intrinsically linked in trying to make each other’s dreams of motherhood come true.The Two Week Wait kept me absolutely hooked and what draws me in the most with Sarah Rayner’s writing is her characters. They are not flat, stereotypical characters but instead they are complex, with different sides that are revealed throughout the book. Sometimes I liked them, sometimes I wasn’t so sure; often I questioned their choices. Ultimately, her characters are very human and relatable – because of this, I genuinely cared about what was going to happen to them and that is what kept me reading.Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed The Two Week Wait and will certainly be hunting out more of Sarah Rayner’s books; I look forward to reading about the other characters she has created and hope that they will be just as intricate and relatable. It's been a long time since a book made me weep, but this one did. Maybe it was the emotionally charged subject of IVF and infertility which has affected me personally. Or maybe it was that less than perfect ending where you realize you don't always get what you want. Although it was a little slow going at first and difficult at times to follow the English verbiage, I loved this book and would highly recommend it.
Deep subject matter. Pretty well written. I found it moving on several levels.
Interesting concept, goose-bump ending. Good read.
Fabulous. I loved it.
its alright
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