The Unexpected List (2013)
The Unexpected List (2013)
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Although I could not relate to as much in this book as the first, I liked this better than the first book. EXCEPT FOR THE ENDING! Can you say cliffhanger?? Grrr!4 stars for the editing, or lack thereof. Too many typos and grammatical errors. But this kept me turning pages, and I couldn't wait to get back to the book when I was doing something else.I can't wait to read #3 to see what happens. Chrissy is a total mess, and it's like a car crash; you just can't turn away. I received this book free through amazon and had no idea it was part of a trilogy. Throughout the book, I was a little confused that the main character hinted at things in the past and then never seemed to explain them. I didn't realize until the end of the book that this was because I would know all about it if I had read the first one. The book has a very "soapy" dramatic plot line and was more than just typical chic-lit but I was disappointed that the one question the readers wanted resolved for this book wasn't answered. I guess I'll have to catch the third one whenever it comes out.
This book will have you looking at your own decisions in a different light. Such a good read.
Why did it have to end?!! Now to wait forever it feels like!
AWESOME! Dying to see what happens in the last book!
the cliff hanger is killing me! I can't wait.
Amazon freebie 4/25
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