The Universal Tone: My Life (2014)
The Universal Tone: My Life (2014)
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Little, Brown and Company
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Learning from a book is as important to me as reading it. Some read for pleasure & the joy to escape. I love the escape as much as I love learning. From this memoir, which I thought would be similar to all the other "rock" memoirs, I learned gratitude, light, compassion, God, Allah, communication, loyalty, significance, crystallization, meditation, finding oneself, conviction, tenacity, faith. I could go on on and on, because each page is filled with the Universal Tone. I was somewhat frustrated with all the musicians names, people behind the scenes, promoters, etc., but it was part of the story and one just has to power through the parts that aren't as enjoyable as the rest. Half way through I had decided to rate this 3 stars. But like I've said before, you owe it to the book & author to read the entire story. I was pleasantly surprised in the last 100 pages because that is when the miracle happens. I have new found respect for Santana, and this is not your typical rock star read. This has not been my first rock-star autobiography by any means but it is by far my favorite. I will admit, there are several Santana albums I have not heard over the span of his career but I was more intrigued by the man, Carlos Santana, than I was by the band Santana. A what a beautiful man Carlos Santana really is. A man who you can see from his earliest days to where he now is a spirit of genuineness and kindness. He has a real humble sense of humor as well and I found myself smiling and even laughing at some of his stories as he pokes fun at himself and laughs with his audience.I admire men who recognize within themselves, that they have what is needed, already available to them for no cost, and further, for what no money can buy. Carlos is a very spiritual man, but not condescendingly so. He makes a difference by his gentleness, and has been a magnet to several other men and celebrities who recognize that he has something that they want, which is an inner peace that is so evident on the pages of his life.He doesn't subscribe to any one religion but most would probably place him into New Age as he speaks about raising consciousness and awareness of the light within. He does delve into Christianity and some Eastern religions like Hinduism and Buddhism well, but never instructs one to subscribe to any but rather to keep of the path of enlightenment of community.If you want juicy rock star stories of loud parties, romantic or unromantic interludes, copious amount of drug usage, then, well, Carlos Santana isn't your style. He does talk about drug usage a bit, but more often than not, the negativity of it and it's destruction to one's soul. There is virtually no sex in the book. I believe Carlos was completely faithful to his wife as it's not in his personality to be any sort of hedonist player.His talks quite a bit about other major influences in his life such as Bill Graham, Miles Davis, and John Coltrane and you feel you get a mini-biopic on those individuals. If there is any criticism of the book, it would be that he can spend too much time going over musicians in his various bands which can be a bit too many names of unknown people. But then you realize, Santana is a man full of gratitude to so many, that he doesn't want to not include people who have been with him through his career, helping him, enjoying crafting music on his journey.Overall, I read this book with many smiles as I turned the pages. Carlos is one of the good guys in the world. I also learned a lot more of his music and purchased a lot more of his music as he went through his own favorite albums. He is very indebted to his biggest album sales-wise, Supernatural, and speaks about it with gratitude. But you can tell, his own favorites in his career, by a round-about admission, is the period of Caranvanserai and Welcome. Not any albums with radio singles, but free flowing music that comes straight from the soul. Which, in reality, is really Carlos Santana. A free spirit.
Great read... I thoroughly enjoyed this book although it could have easily been 200 pages shorter.
I've only started this large book and already it's a page turner. I highly recommend it.
Ran out of time with this Library copy, go to page 146.
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