The Unwritten #2: El Topo (2011)
The Unwritten #2: El topo (2011)
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Planeta DeAgostini Comics (Vertigo Comics)
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There are two reasons why I'm reading unwritten 2:- I ordered the 1st and 2nd volumes at the same time because I was so convinced that I'd love unwritten, and them when volume 1 came, I didn't.- I've been reading a lot of Kelly Link and Karen Russell the last few days and I needed something easy to read for a change.This should tell you something. Unwritten 2 continues on the same line as its previous volume, as a spin on the idea of Harry Potter of those who have never read Harry Potter and think it's just a silly book for children (rather than a fun book for both children and adults). I can only say that if I'd come to unwritten before reading Harry Potter (which is possibility as I only watched the X-files about 10 years after the series ended), I'd stay away from the HP books. Ah, this was consistently fun.Word of warning: there are no character shields and there's a lot of French and German in this one. I translated it and it didn't enhance it all that much. I also was lucky enough to have watched the Nazi propaganda film discussed, so it was interesting to learn that the original story had the opposite message. Can't wait for the next volume.
My favorite new comic series. If you like Harry Potter (or reading in general), give it a look.
Still waiting for some explanations...
Now we're getting somewhere...
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