The Unwritten N. 6: Tommy Taylor E La Guerra Di Parole (2000)
The Unwritten n. 6: Tommy Taylor e la guerra di parole (2000)
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8866914711 (ISBN13: 9788866914716)
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A look deeper into the workings and history of Pullman and his cronies. The volume is divided in two, with alternating issues focusing on a story from the past that gives insight into the way stories work, and on Tommy's quest to get inside the headquarters of his enemies. All of the background stories are very interesting, and Tommy finally ends up getting some answers from Pullman in his part of the tale. The reader, however, is left with a couple of unanswered questions. At least, I want to know: What happened to the Frankenstein monster!? It is...possible that things totally fell apart? Honestly I'm not even sure. There are so many threads here that are coming together and intertwining and making sense, or not, that when you actually get to the heart of it you get...what? A rollicking good story and crazy ass stuff happening, that is for sure. Even if it doesn't make sense any more (and maybe it does?) it's still super fun.But also, where on EARTH do they go from here??
Awesome! This series keeps getting better and better!
One of the strongest volumes yet.
No honest man need fear cartoons.
Still reigning supreme.
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