The Urban Homestead: Your Guide To Self-sufficient Living In The Heart Of The City (Process Self-Reliance Series) (2008)
The Urban Homestead: Your Guide to Self-sufficient Living in the Heart of the City (Process Self-Reliance Series) (2008)
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I've read a fair bit on sustainable / urban agriculture. This is an alright overview for someone who has never been exposed to these concepts, as the authors encourage further reading. However, the writing style might turn off a number of people based on its oh so hip language and tone. As a public administration professional, I was upset by the number of examples encouraging people to disregard local laws and codes, rather than providing guidance on how to change restrictive policies or more emphasis on working within the law.Nothing at all new or revolutionary, all stuff I've read in far more depth in other sources. I picked this book up off the coffee table at a friend's house, while waiting on them to get ready. So while it was originally intended as a way to kill some time, I got really hooked really quickly. The thing that made it so readable is that the writing is *sane*. There's an important distinction to be made between those who want to go completely off the grid and those who just want to find ways to be a bit more self-sufficient and to have a bit more control over what we eat and how we care for our home.The thing that made this book worth 5 stars? There's a recipe for making your own filmjolk. Yes, filmjolk--the tarty, delicious yogurt-y product that one can usually only enjoy during trips back to Sweden. I won't follow their initial suggestion of trying to smuggle a cultured sample out next time I visit, but I will give making this at home a try!
lots of gardening tips for the novice. compost, worm farms, mulch, seed bombs.
Love this book! Fun to read and lots of helpful info.
i love this publisher
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