The Valentine's Arrangement (2000)
The Valentine's Arrangement (2000)
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It can't be easy to watch the person you love leave on a deployment. This book gives us a glimpse of the courage military families must have. They live their lives here and continue to love their significant others, simply because you can't choose who you love. But you can choose to support them, respect their choice, and most of all be there for them when they come home. I recommend this book for all of us who are blessed to have our loved ones with us everyday. For all military men, women, and their families, thank you for your service. Title: The Valentine's ArrangementSeries: N/AAuthor: Kelsie LeverichRating: AReview: This book was amazingly good, and a perfect Valentine's Day read. It was not just a classic romantic feel-good read, but edgy, realistic, and fun as well. Kale is a sexy-as-sin alpha male who is a bit of player, which suits him since he doesn't want to make commitments that he doesn't think he's capable of, especially considering his military career. However, he is also honest, which I really admired and enjoyed about his character. Ronnie is blunt, outspoken, yet vulnerable, and she made the perfect foil for Kale. She's also doesn't take any crap from anyone and has a serious issue with commitment anyway, so it seems like they are the perfect match for a fling. However, when emotions become invested, can the deal they struck last - or will things need to change.I enjoyed these characters so much, that this was one of those books that I couldn't put down. On one hand it was edgy and fun, and on the other it had a sweet emotional connection and classical romance vibe, yet the two seem to mesh perfectly together for one perfect story. This just what I needed - something romantic, but that really stands out in your mind. Excellent book! I will definitely be delving into more books by this author.
Nice set-up but developed over too short a time span.
Nice quick read with lots of heat. More later :)
Delicious quick read.
I Loved this book!!
Super sweet read.
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